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R44 & R22 Overhaul Kits

Description                 Part Number     Price         Core Price

Overhaul Kits

R22 Beta OH Kit             R7351     68,000     16,633
R22 Beta II OH Kit             R7951     68,000     16,533  Instock - Sale Price $64,995.00 Immediate Delivery while stock lasts
R44 Astro OH Kit             R7543     110,000     22,272  (+ Core fee - the balance of the core fee is returnred to you after evaluation by Robinson)
R44 Raven I OH Kit             R8209     106,000     42,700
R44 Raven II OH Kit             R8210     112,000     42,700

Engine Build Kit - required for field overhaul

O-320 Engine Build Kit         R8299     2,300
O-360 Engine Build Kit         R8300     2,200
O-540 Engine Build Kit         R8301     2,800
IO-540 Engine Build Kit         R8302     3,400

Interior Kits

R22 Clothe Interior Kit         R8005     2,400
R22 Leather Interior Kit         R8013     2,600
R44 Clothe Interior Kit         R8010     4,800
R44 Leather Interior Kit         R8014     5,400

*All prices FOB California