LED Video Wall Applications

LED walls can be used in any application where previously video monitors or video projection were used. Benefits are that the image is several times brighter and can be sized to any dimension or shape.

Perfect for IMAG (Image Magnification) for concerts or awards shows or for parties. Very popular for Barmitzvahs and weddings - dancers love to see themselves on the screens.

Screens can be split into vertical or horizontal shapes.
An entryway can be greated in the screen with a doorway for example.

Content can easily be created. Anything you can see on your iphone, ipad or computer can be sent to the screen! We can create a slide show of photos or short videos for your client. Perfect for Birthdays etc. We can take clients pictures and create a custom presentation.

Screens can be free standing on a floor, or stage. We can also provide trussing to "fly" or suspend the video walls.

We provide the installation  and operation of the screens. In most cases we will ask to review the content prior to the event to make sure it is size compatible. We will provide an on-site operator to operate and "baby-sit" the screen for the event.

LED screens have very low power consumption so usually for a medium size wall - only two power circuits would be required.

The LED panels are 1 meter x .5 meters (approx 3 ft x 1.5 ft) and they clamp together to make any size or shape you require. The content can be manipulated to fit non-standard sized screens. So tall skinny columns or  thin and wide screens can be created.

The basic price we quote is for a single day in, set up, show and strike. However we can gladly set up days prior if necessary and equipment rental cost usually will only apply to the show day. Additional labor and travel may be added.

We will be happy to visit the event planner to consult and advise.

The chart above shows the various standard configurations that can be made.

Any questions - please email mark@t2k.com or call (818) 557 0903

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