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Two of our 18 x 40 Fyberlight curtains were used on the 2002 Academy Awards

Fiber Optic Curtain Pricing & Info

The Fyberlight Fiber Optic Curtain is a state-of-the-art theatrical and corporate set designers' backdrop. The curtain contains Hundreds of fiber optic strands with end points exposed on the facing surface which transmit an infinite array of colors and patterns.

The standard curtain can be programmed, depending on the illuminating fixtures and controller to transmit a vast array of effects and looks. Custom Configurations are also available to display virtually any pattern or animation when using a custom designed curtain.

Each curtain consists of two layers of heavy duty, fire retardant cloth. The facing is a Black Commando cloth with the lining made of Black Ranger cloth. Fibers enter the cloth in gathered bundles and than are distributed in individual random or designed order over the entire curtain. Individual fibers are secured in place via a proprietary two step glue process. The gathered bundle ends are packed in a protective tubing and bundled into a bushing that is inserted into the illuminating fixture. Customer specifications will dictate how many bundles and light sources are attached to each curtain. Advanced Lighting Systems brings your imagination to life with spectrolite.

Facing: 16oz. Black Commando Cloth, Lining: Black Ranger Cloth, Other colors available. Fire Retardant Specifications: NFPA, 701 Small Scale. Certified in accordance with Rule 6.1 NYC Board of Standards and Appeals, Section C19 of the NYC Administrator Code, and NYC Fire Department Directive 1-78. State of California - Title 19. Weight: Approximately 3 lbs. per 16 square feet.

Fiber Type and Size
PMMA Fiber (plastic). Glass fiber also available. Standard Fiber Size 0.75mm, Fiber bushing size is dependent on illuminating fixture.

Fiber Density
2 Circuit 3.125 per square foot

Circuits and Zones:
Circuits are the number of fixtures used to illuminate a single zone. Multiply circuits allow the mixing of colors in a single zone. For realistic twinkle effects a three circuit curtain is recommended. A zone is the area of a curtain containing fiber tips from a single fixture. Zone sizes and points per circuit vary with illuminating fixtures.

Curtains are available in panels that are 20ft x 12ft . The panels can be hung from either edge and when hung together can provide an almost visually seamless backdrop of any size.

We have three types of illuminator.
1. Plain white - provides a solid white, on/off - this is the simplest to install - $25 each
2. White with twinkle - provides a simple plugin fixture that provides white light with a rotating wheel to provide the famous "twinkle" effect - no color matching of curtains, no control, no sync - just plug'n'play! - $35 each
3. TPRs - 4 channel fixture. This one does it all and is the perfect unit for the curtains. It will provide static colors, color scroll and "twinkle" in white or color, plus dimming. DMX control.   Click Here for Manual. - $75 each
5. Martin QFX150 - Color change (4 color + white), twinkle, dimmer, strobe, high output metal halide lamp, DMX control or can be used via stand-alone programming on the fixture, master/slave capability - $75 each

Power Consumption on all units is approx 3 amps per illuminator.

DMX16 Controller - Provides simple control of twinkle speed, dim and color change of curtains - $75

Y Adaptors - All our curtains have 2 circuits, meaning that two different colors can be distributed through the curtain at any one time. This requires two illuminators. In a situation where a simple white light or twinkle is required - it is possible to eliminate one illuminator and use our custom toupher or Y adaptor. Main benefit is a cost savings on the second illuminator, with some loss of light output. - $10 each

Installation - Think of the curtains as a delicate velour drapery. It can be hung and folded the same way as any heavy drape. It comes with grommets and ties on two edges (on the 12x20 panels) so they can be hung in either direction to make a 12 ft high or 20 ft high panel. Multiple panels hung together can make most popular bckdrop sizes (e.g. 20H x 48W would be four panels). Ballrooms and event tent sidewalls will often accomodate the 12 Ft height. The illuminator will usually sit on the floor, but can be truss mounted. With multiple panels, the illuminators can be synchronized to make the curtains perform identically to give the appearance of being one large drapery. It is essential to handle the curtain by its edges as mishandling can rip the delicate optic fibers from their positions in the curtain. Extra length can easily be folded under or around objects and panels can be folded back easily for openings, just like a normal curtain. Standard pipe stands with cross bars can be used for support or tied to  existing bars or truss. One person can usually handle installation, although two persons can more than half the time!

Fyberlight Rental Pricing
12 Ft x 20 Ft Panels $375 Requires 2 illuminators
18 Ft x 40 Ft Panels $1100 Requires 2 illuminators
11.5 x 5.5 Ft Panels
(Table, stage or screen skirts)
$125 Requires 1 Illuminator
12H x 40W Package $995 Incl 2ea curtains, 4ea Martin QFX150 illuminators, control cables and DMX control unit

Week and longer term pricing dependent upon availability.

How it's done

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