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Dataflash AF1000
Emits up to 25,000 Joule continuous flashes at a color temperature of 5600 Kelvin The world's brightest and most advanced xenon flash lamp system Accurately simulates the properties of lightning storms Full DMX-512 remote control is available for rate, duration and intensity. Up to three AF1000 strobes may be connected to one 20 Amp circuit breaker. We have over 50 units available.
Warning! Because of the immense power of this unit - it has a short duty cycle at peak brightness!   More Info

Egg Strobe
Unit can be screwed into any standard light bulb outlet. Use in existing outlets or we can supply (carnival) stringers with outlets every 18". When mutiple units are left to flash at random, they provide a sparkling star field. Use also to simulate flash cameras in a crowd.
A simple to use unit with on/off and variable speed knob. Set the speed control and apply AC.
The original Dataflash!
The best strobe ever built. Uses a dedicated controller, very bright and almost foolproof. Similar to AF1000 unit but will not hold a flash like that unit - so if you don't need a real lightning effect - go with this.
Mini-Terra Strobe
150 W Flash rate from 1 to 15 flashes per second DMX Input/output jacks on back of unit. SEttings for stand alone operation. 2 Ch DMX. Small unit, can conveniently be mounted in tight spaces.
Mega Strobe
* 750W Flash rate from 1 to 15 flashes per second DMX Input/output jacks on back of unit * 100% external dimming control *  Stand alone settings for use with out controller. 2 ch DMX

DMX Dome Cannon Strobe
Unmatched in brilliance, duty cycle and control flexibility. The Dome Strobe Cannon is a high performance direct DMX-512 control xenon strobelight that combines the concentration of beam flashing with the brilliance of lamp line of sight. Perfect for club, film or concert applications.

Arcline Strobe Tube
These tubes are about 5 Ft in length and can be joined end to end. Each tube has 8 strob lights in it. When connected to the controller various programs of animated strobe chases can be created. Great effect for lining truss, runways, edges of buildings etc. The Luxor is lined with this tube! We have over 50 pieces available.
Star Strobe 3 is a flashy, attention-getting curtain strobe. Use it to create depth and excitement for your concert, club or TV special. It can hang from its cord or be permanently affixed to hard scenery-not seen until used. Dazzling behind a scrim for star effects, line a proscenium or bandstand for eye-catching glitter.

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