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All rental costs are per Three Day - week rates can be arranged depending on availability.xing :
Yes Effects Wheel : 2 CT
Wholehog 2 - Favorite with all industries. 2000 Channels of DMX. Double touch screens. Additional fader wing available.

Console $950

Wing $395

Overdrive Units  $345
The Avolites Azure 2000 console has an awesome specification coupled with an aggressive price tag. Manufactured entirely in the UK by Avolites, a company with a proven track record and over 20 years experience in the concert touring industry, the console is set to be a clear market leader in the field of professional lighting control.

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Rental $550
HOG 500 Condensed Details
   DMX Channels: 1024
   Menu Banks: 0
   Masters: 8
   Displays: 2

Rental $395

HOG 1000 Condensed Details
   DMX Channels: 1024
   Menu Banks: 4
   Masters: 16
   Displays: 7

Rental $550

Hog PC Widget

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Rental $195

The grandMA light is the small console that performs all of the functions of the larger Award-Winning grandMA. With the grandMA light, you lose some of the faders & touch screens, but none of its functionality. It is completely compatible with the grandMA and will accept all shows programmed on grandMA in view of its reduced hardware.
At 29" x 20" x 5", it only requires a very small space. It has a very bright high-contrast, full-colour TFT touch screen and the viewing angle can be altered via adjustable legs at the rear of the housing. The light will support 2 additional external monitors. It has all of the I/O of the grandMA, so it will output 4 DMX universes (with 4 additional ones via Ethernet), DMX in, SMPTE, MIDI, RS-232, audio input, switching analogue inputs, etc.

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Rental $725.00

The Zero 88 FatFrog can control up to 48 generic channels, which may be manually or automatically patched to any of the 512 DMX channels, there is also capability for control of up to 12 intelligent fixtures. The desk is fitted with a floppy drive for loading and saving show data, a remote ‘Go’ port and an output for a monitor.

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Rental $295.00

Martin Light Jockey USB Widget

The perfect controller for the club and mobile DJ market. This Windows based controller is very easy to use, with an intuitive user interface.

Windows 2000, Win ME, Win 98-95 based controller Large fixture library and user configurable editor Solid beam virtual visualizer for programming shows off-site Supports MP3, audio CD, SMPTE and MIDI timecode PCI, USB, PCMCIA interface options Control of up to 100 fixtures, 2048 DMX channels.

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Rental - $195.00

Martin Case Pro 1 Console

Small, yet functional, the Case PRO I contains all the features of the larger Case controllers, ideal for club installations and small to medium size productions.

Control of up to 700 fixtures, 1536 DMX channels Fixture library of all known manufacturers Direct access to fixtures and their parameters Reliable and robust construction Advanced effect generator to be applied on all parameters Precise timing control, individually for each fixture and their parameters

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Rental - $325.00
MA Scan Commander

MA Scancommander has set new criteria. You will find its fundamental user philosophy of combining convenient programming with maximum flexibility when working with any number of current moving light controllers. But even today – years after its debut in 1992 – the Scancommander still features the most persuasive solutions to meet the demand of controlling intelligent lights.
This new way of working has also influenced our language. Anybody looking for scanner controls will be confronted by numerous new technical terms:
– preset focus
– LTP channels

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Rental $ - $325

Wholehog 2 Console $950
Wholehog 2 Wing $395
Wholehog 2 Overdrive Unit $345
Hog 1000 Console $550
Hog 500 Console $395
Hog PC Widget USB $195
Grand MA Lite Console $725
MA Scan Commander $325
Avolites Azure 2000 Console $500
Zero 88 Fat Frog Console $295
Martin Case Pro 1 Console $325
Martin Light Jockey USB $195

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