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All rental costs are per Day - week rates can be arranged depending on availability.

All equipment is tested thoroughly
Each item is logged in the computer system, tracking maintenance & repair. Here larry is testing the clean air Ecodome filter system!
THe brightest wash fixture available  - the Coemar 1200 - includes full color mixing and 1200SA Lamp!

Cyberlight LItho - 1200 watt MSR discharge lamp, 5600K, rotating gobos, full color mixing, color wash, frost - basically does it all and is a favorite of the industry. Can be controlled by most consoles but also using a dedicated controller - the Cyberlight LCD

Intellabeam 700HX - 700 watt MSR discharge lamp, 5600K, fixed gobo wheel and fixed dichroic color wheel. The original automated light, but still a favorite. Control DMX or use a dedicated Intellabeam LCD controller.

Technobeam - 250 watt MSD discharge lamp
Coemar CF 1200 Wash
MSR1200SA Lamp and full color mixing make this the brightest, automated wash light in the business
Miniscan 300
Cyberlight Turbo
Studio PC Beam
Studio Color 575
Studio Spot 575
MAC 250
MAC 500
MAC 600
Mini MAC Spot
Mini MAC Wash

Towards 2000 Inc (818) 557 0903 - Burbank, CA. USA. Email Rentals@T2K.Com