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Circular Truss - 6 12" diameter pieces with 2" tubewall make an 18' wide circle - can also be used as a free standing archway
12" by 10 Ft sections of plain aluminium medium and light duty box truss
20 1/2" x 20 1/2 Box truss corners - hinged corners also available
20 1/2" Box truss 5 ft and 10 ft sections
Pretty much any structure can be built using our 12" truss system from trade show booths to portable disco's!
Nightclubs and discos
Corporate Stages and presentations
12" box, 12x12", 20.5", corners, bases, hinges and more
Truss legs. These 20" square legs clamp onto 20" truss to make table or bar height counters
These can also be used to create shelf supports on vertical 20" truss or ????
Various truss configurations
Art Truss?!
Light weight steel truss bases will fit 12" or 20" box truss
Top Hat for 12" truss. Useful for hanging vertical banners or outrigging  cans or moving light fixtures
Truss Legs

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