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Full Color Laser Effects - Shots from Kmart Commercial
Lamp Source : 1200w MSR Beam
Variable fans of green argon laser
Beam effects - all pre-programmed
Laser planes with variable size
Laser tunnels, cones and walls
Heart shaped laser tunnel
100's of animated graphics
Liquid sky and custom graphics
Single beam effects
300 MW argon laser - Green/Blue 5MW Helium Neon Laser - Red Extremely compact Units Small handheld control system

The T2K laser systems are small and compact and inexpesive and have many of the required features for film and video special effects and are perfect for small to medium special events. Both units have the same small hand-held control unit and have identical functions. The larger higher powered unit delivers a 300 Milliwatt Argon laser beam that delivers a brilliant green light that can be seen very clearly in low light levels. The smaller Helim Neon 5 milliwatt laser is for smaller applications, but can project clear animated graphics onto a projection surface.

Huge library of images built in to laser
Built in animations
Images can be programmed into sequences and played back
Variable image size
Beam effects
Plane effects
3D effects
Instant typed characters
Air cooled
Instant set up
No operator required (but suggested!)
Custom graphics or logos can be imported from a scanned imaged

The Argon laser has been used in many, many film and video projects. It can provide many of the features designers are always looking for, while not the highest power laser available by any means, it provides enough punch for many applications at a cost considerably lower than comparable systems!

Argon (220 Volt) 300 MW laser - $1200 per day
Helium Neon (110 Volt) 5 MW laser - $300 per day

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