The Club Beyond 2000 structure is created from three levels ot hi-tech polished aluminum truss. In contrast to a standard square grid, the Club Beyond 2000 uses different levels, angles and overhangs to define a structure that will create the centerpiece for an event.

The bright chrome box truss is lighted from inside to highlight the structure and in addition can incorporate moving wings to add animation to the design. The dance floor is raised to add a unique look and around the floor are stand-up bar rolls that adds more dimension and practical safety for the dance floor. Skrim "sails" create depth while also providing opaque projection surfaces for the lighting. A motorized wing of truss swinging down from the second level changes the "look and feel" of the dance floor environment. A motorized video screen displays theme, music or ambient video images.

Access Level
Floor Load 5,000 lbs.
Area 40' x 40'
Height 25' minimum
Power 100 Amps
Depending on options, installation, and customization, from $5,000