M2K is Towards 2000's Media Division.

We do:

· Multimedia Authoring
· Computer Animation
· Kiosk Programming
· Trade Shows
· MPEG Video Editing and encoding
· CD-ROM Mastering
· Web Design
· Visual Music
· Video Editing
· Digital Animation

Give us a call here at T2K and set up an appointment for a demo.

Or send E-mail Here.


We recently added a 36 GB Video editing station capable of DV in/out, and have done several video editing projects already with very happy customers (for an example, see our Starglide Page). Another new recent acquisition is our Arkaos X-pose visual music system which allows us to control video and video effects real time and live with MIDI for concerts and special shows.

No media project is too large or too small, contact us with any questions.