How many panels do you need? Each panel is .6 meters x .6 meters
Is access level to installation area?
Is set up floor concrete or carpet? Floor should not be set on decorative materials for risk of damage.
Will you have crew to assist in moving panels and road cases?
Do you need us to provide an installation supervisor?  Or will you have your own lighting tech staff install and set up? An installation supervisor costs $500
Will you be picking up the floor panels or do we need to arrange shipment?
All panels are road cased. Each case of 4 pcs weights about 700 lbs
Will the floor be set into a sub floor or will edge ramps be required?
If so on how many sides will ramps be needed?

It is important to know what you want the floor to do.
For simple disco “flash and trash” Saturday Night Fever effects - this can be done with a simple pre programmed controller which the installation supervisor can set up and program some basic flash effects.

If you require complex changes and chases, with each panel doing specific fades or colors, each panel must be addressed and programmed uniquely. This requires an experienced programmer and a higher end controller. The fee in addition for this is $500

The panels are opaque Plexiglas and will show wear in the daylight from scratches. However in a party lighting environment these will not show. (See videos on the website). We do not suggest use of the panels for brightly lighted tradeshow environments.
There may be slight variations in color of the panel's leds - for “disco” dance floor effects this is not and issue.