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I was wondering how you guys feel about the LWR Trackspot.We own four right now and we are looking to have four more and at least two Technobeams by the end of the year. What do you guys think? Is there a cheaper way to get the same effect?
Chris Miguel <Chris@spintronix.com>
Daly City, CA USA -

Again T2K outdoes themselves...Love the Flash site.. Still no dollers to spend but still dreaming.. Nice Job Guys...
Wade Stine <webadmin@tmelec.daktel.com>
Valley City, ND USA -

Very helpful and friendly people @ T2k. -Thanks
Michael Thomas McEvoy <michaelthomas_98@yahoo.com>
Saint James, NY USA -
You guys @ T2K rule aspecialy rolland!!!!
Kevin Zanit <fx12002@aol.com>
somewhere, USA -
Yes, we do have the new Technobeam. List price is $3695 for the reg. version, $3995 for the LAD version (Laser version for setting up shows), TechnoRay is $3325, and Technopro is $2979. (call for current prices.) Here is a quick review of the Regular Technobeam: This has a color wheel, an 8 pos. rotating gobo holder, and a 6 position rotating prism holder. The stock gobos and prisms are pretty cool, especially when used together. With the ribbed-glass prism rotating, and a gobo rotating, the design it produced looked like a very convincing 3D atmospheric effect (example: triangle gobo produced a cool extruded triangle that pointed in several different directions). Our rentals manager tells me that this units lamp is not as powerful as a Cyberlight (250W), but gets pretty bright due to a new technique to squeeze more brightness out of the bulb optically. It does not habe a color mixing system, nor does it have space for gobos overlapping gobos, you just get in the path: 1 color, then 1 gobo, then 1 art glass. So its not as flexible as a Cyberlight. One nice thing, it has is a movable lens to change the output angle - (about 8 or so steps, wide to narrow). There is no zooming. If you cannot afford a controller, you can use the built in controller to control every aspect of the unit, but its like trying to program a light show with your watch (4 buttons, not a problem if you are doing a 1 time program for a POS at a retail store!).
Webmaster <webmaster@t2k.com>
Burbank, CA USA -
Have the new HES techno series of fixtures been released? I'm looking forward to reading about them on T2K. I havn't really found any other info about them elsewhere...Much less price...Thanx
Wade Stine <wildman@tmelec.daktel.com>
Valley City, ND USA -
Ok, I just checked out the x-treme and trackspot side by side, and our sales dept. tells me that light output is similar, but that it does not have as much control as a t-spot. They also said the x-treme is only warranted for 90 days and is made in Taiwan (cheaply made). They did say that it was a good idiot-proof light when used with the x-treme/C controller. (automated programs). I also noticed that the head movement was not as smooth.
We use mostly Mobolazer these days. We have a few Eclipse lasers as well. Most ADJ stuff is cheaper, but you will find that usually light output is not as good. ADJ has some really neat stuff though, that does not fit in any category. (widow baby, a red laser show running on 4 AAA batteries, is great)
Webmaster <webmaster@t2k.com>
burbank, ca USA -
Hi, all! It seems like that most of us trying to get started with assembling an intelligent lighting system have a hard time getting a side-by-side comparison of similar units made by different manufacturers. For, example, I have two High End Trackspots (and am very satisfied with them, BTW), and an MLC-16 Contoller by NSI. I am looking to expand and buy two more units soon. I would like to know if the American DJ X-Treme unit has comparable brightness to the Trackspot. The color and gobo wheels look identical, so the X-Treme might be a cost effective addition for me. If anyone knows of any side-by-side comparisons that are available anywhere on the web, please inform me. Thanks!
Jerry Wilson <wilsonz@mindspring.com>
Bowling Green, KY USA -
I just saw your page through the Martin dealer pages. I works for a Danish hire and sales company who works with lights, sound, video and laser. And I was just wondering what kind of lasersystem you guys are using?????
Mikkel <m-b.nielsen@get2net.dk>
Hilleroed, Denmark -
Where did Roland get that really kewl haircut???
Tina F <TinaView@pacbell.com>
Canoga Park, ca USA -
I have finally found an online source for prices of my favorite HES fixtures... I only wish that I had the dollars to spend. But as an aspiring LD I can look, drool and dream. I would like to thank T2K for their online store, and as a future customer I will be purchasing my products here. Kewdoz to the Webmaster for the killer site. L8er Wade Stine -=\=-Wildman-=/=-
Wade Stine <wade_stine@mail.vcsu.nodak.edu>
valley City, nd USA -
Rumor has that the martin 812 units do not use standard DMX512 protocol when used with a Martin controller (i.e 2308) Is this true? If I buy 812's could I control them with a Pulsar masterpiece board or would I have to get a dedicated Martin controller? Also, any comments as to which is better: martin 218, SGM Victory 250, High End Trackspot or TAS Miniscan? Regards Iain
Iain Fourie <fidzie@hotmail.com>
Grahamstown, SA -