TPR Illuminators

*** Fiber Optic Product Information***
150 Watt Quartz Halogen DMX-512 Illuminator

The TPR illuminator requires a constant 120 volt AC @2.5 amps. In addition to the AC power, the illuminator requires a DMX-512 control input. The DMX control channels are set as follows:

Address chosen - controls the position of the 8-color wheel. The color wheel is at the color chip # 1 @ 0% , the color wheel will be at the color chip # 8 @ 100%. Color chips #2 - #7 will correspond to percentages between 0 and 100%. Colors can be split.

Address chosen plus 1 - when above 10%, takes over the color wheel control from channel # 1 and causes the color wheel to continuously to rotate at variable speed. 11% will cause the slowest rotation :100% will cause the fastest rotation.

Address chosen plus 2 - controls the flicker wheel and sets the rotation speed. At 0% the flicker wheel does not rotate; as the percentage increases, the flicker wheel will start to rotate, then rotate faster and then faster until you reach the faster speed at 100%.

Address chosen plus 3 - controls the brightness of the lamp. At 0% the lamp is dark; as the percentage increases, the lamp will get brighter, until full brightness at 100%.

This illuminator conforms to 1990 DMX-512 specifications. Uses only pins1- 2 and 3
                                Do not block the air flow while the illuminator is in use!

The address can be set for any DMX -512 location , via a bank of switches inside the illuminator. When the starting address is assigned, the 2nd , 3rd  and 4th channels are automatically set as the next three control channels in sequence.

Illuminator self aligns on power ups and automatically re-aligns during operation.

        ******* Addressing the DMX illuminator *******    

Open the illuminator and locate the circuit board at the side, near the fan. Just below the connectors you will see an 8-position "dip" switch bank. This bank of switches will allow the assignment of 1 to 512; Each switch in the 10 switch bank has a value assigned to it when it is in the "On" position, the value for  switches in the "Off" position is 0

        Switch # 1 =1        Switch # 6 =32
        Switch # 2 = 2        Switch # 7 = 64
        Switch # 3 = 4        Switch # 8 = 128
        Switch # 4 = 8        Switch # 9 = 256
        Switch # 5 = 16        Switch # 10 = not used

To set the address, place the switches that add up to the desired starting address in the "On" position.
For Example, if your starting address is 398, you would first switch on the 9th switch (256), then switch the 8th switch (128), 4th switch (8), 3rd switch (4) and then 2nd switch (2)  to the "On" positions; All other switches should remain "Off". The address will only be activated after the illuminator is powered down and back up, this will cause a circuit reset. AC power required 2.5 amps per illuminator at 120 volt.

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