T2K Has the full line of SGM products available. If you need additional information you can go to SGM's USA website, or give us a call here at T2K.

Please call 1-800-815-2941 to order.

Victory Range: The Victory Range encompasses two different models. Both models are relatively small in size and very versatile. Both fixtures utilize a 250 Watt Halogen bulb with a superb optical system in order to obtain the extrordinary light output. Some advantages include: interchangeable gobos (including glass and dichroic), 16 bit mirror movement and easy accessibility with its clam shell design. Keep an eye out for the all new Victory II PRO150, which utilizes a 150 Watt HTI lamp with a higher color temperature and greater light output.

Victory 250 Web Price $1210.00
Victory II 250 Web Price $1676.40

Galileo Range: The Galileo Range encompasses four different models each of which can be supplied with a 575 Watt HMI lamp or a 1200 Watt HMI lamp. The Galileo Range are relatively larger fixtures with the option of an electronic ballast. The Galileo Range also have a micro-computer LED on the back, which displays the DMX channel and other vital fixture controls. Some advantages include: intense light output, extraordinary rotating gobos and 16 bit mirror movement. The most advanced models have all of the features plus more that you would find with any other intelligent lighting manufacturer.

Galileo I 575* $2280.30
Galileo I 1200* $2682.90
Galileo II 575 HP* $3555.20
Galileo II 1200 HP* $3836.80
Galileo II 1200 HP-EB* $4359.30
Galileo III 1200* $4963.20
Galileo IV 1200 HP* $5768.40
Galileo IV 1200 HP-EB* $6238.10
Galileo Ray 575* $2280.30
(* Lamp not Included)

Colorlab Range: The Colorlab Range features three different wash fixtures, all of which utilize different lamps, which include a 250 Watt Halogen lamp, 575 Watt HMI lamp and 1200 Watt HMI lamp. Each fixture varies slightly with features. Coming soon the all new Colorlab PRO150, which utilizes a 150 Watt HTI lamp with a higher color temperature and greater light output. In addition, the all NEW Giotto, moving yoke fixture will be available in July of 1998. The Giotto provides a powerful light output of 22,000 lumens at 5 meters with a full color mixing system.

Colorlab 250 $985.60
Colorlab 575* $1186.90
Colorlab 575 HP* $2193.40
Colorlab 1200 HP* $2360.60
Colorlab 1200 HP-EB* $2750.00
(* Lamp not Included)

ColorDynamic: The ColorDynamic is a unique fixture that produces a marvelous and unique color mixing effect. The effect is obtained by a patented fiber optic component inside. The ColorDynamic is available from T2K in two different models; ColorDynamic 100 and ColorDynamic 575. The ColorDynamic is a stand alone fixture with varying blending and rotating effects. The ColorDynamic 575 is the only fixture that requires DMX 512 input to control.

ColorDynamic 100 $797.00
ColorDynamic 575 $2695.00

Flasher DMX: The Flasher DMX 1.5 is a 1500 watt DMX controllable strobe light with tremendous light output.

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DMX Consoles: SGM has various DMX controllers that can control any fixture that requires DMX 512 protocol. The all NEW Studio Consoles takes the best features from most dimmer consoles and intelligent lighting consoles and put them into one. The Studio Consoles will be available in July of 1998.

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Lamps: Here are the lamps you will need to order with most of SGM's lights.

Halogen 250W $12.00
HMI 575W $195.00
HMI 1200W $245.00

Road Cases: Designed for SGM fixtures and consoles.

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New Products: SGM has some new fixtures and consoles debuting this year. To name a few:Giotto Wash 1.2 - moving yoke fixture with full color mixing system.Studio Consoles - 4 unique DMX consoles designed for ease of programming and sensibility.Pilot 2000 - the versatile, yet small DMX controller that controls up to 20 fixtures with 32 channels each. Check back with T2K for availability.